In Markham, even the Italians are Asian

Thursday, October 12th, 2006


I went to the Pacific Mall on Saturday, and I bought SO MANY delicious things! Not only delicious in a gustatory way, but also in a soul-soothing way. The Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario is the largest indoor Chinese mall in North America and there’s also an Asian market nearby, so I managed to buy quite a few things that I can’t anywhere else. The spoils:

  • Three cartons of Thai curry paste (green and yellow), unfindable in Kingston
  • Delicious kimchi, which was left accidentally in my bedroom and now my room smells like cabbage
  • Curry-flavoured potato chips (I love curry)
  • Some sort of generic vegetarian stir fry sauce
  • Three gel pens in pink, green and purple
  • A Korean “housekeeping” book with many mysterious Korean characters in it that I don’t understand (if someone out there on the internet reads Korean, I’d love a translation)
  • Green tea soft candies
  • A beautiful green scarf.

The scarf is the reason why I feel I can post about my trip on this knitting/craft blog. I think it would be of interest to those of you who are not only knitters but also weavers:


As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I love Asian design, it has a tendency to look at things and then make them wacky and turn them upside down into something completely original.


Or they dress like Victorian dolls, which I am never one to turn down. There’s a store at the Pacific Mall that sells Elegant Goth Lolita clothing! I nearly died.

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  1. That’s a great looking scarf.

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    October 13, 2006 @ 8:00 am

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